GW&S 2yrs old

Giggle, Wiggle and Shake - 2 Years Old

2 years of age by 09/01/2017
Young minds and bodies are ready to learn! In GW&S we focus on basic locomotor and non-locomotor movements as well as hand-eye coordination, balance, independence, leadership, taking instruction, and basic dance skills such as plie, releve, tendu, etc. The class offers enough structure to provide a nurturing learning environment, but allows enough flexibility to change for the needs of each and every student!

Class Key Features and Benefits:

  • Student to Teacher/Assistant ratio of 4-1 or less
  • Parent Participation days throught the studio year
  • Observation without class distruption through Closed Circuit Television
  • All dancers participate in the winter and spring recitals
Class Id Class Name Class Start Date Class Start Time Class Length Class Ends Instructor(s)Age RangeOpeningsAction
GWS2YRGiggle, Wiggle & Shake - 2-3 YrsWednesday, September 12, 20184:15 PM30 minutesWednesday, May 8, 2019Kari Goodman2 - 33Enroll