What is Acro?
AcroDance is an art form specifically for Dancers.  The focus is on Strength, Flexibility, Balance and moving lyrically through “tricks”.  

In Acro, the goal is to dance in and out of tricks with minimal “prep” before or after the trick.  Acrobatic tricks are intended to blend seamlessly with dance steps.  

Is Acro the same as Gymnastics?
Acro is very different from gymnastics in many ways.

Gymnasts train on a spring floor allowing them to gain height and rebound forgiveness in their tumbling passes.
Dancers perform acro tricks on a hard stage with no extra rebound that gymnasts get from a sprung floor.

Gymnast tumbling passes begin with a powerful run into their powerful tumbling passes.
Dancers may perform a tumbling pass that is softer, more graceful in movement without the prep “run”.

Both are impressive passes yet are distinctly different in “look”.

Gymnastic Technique is often performed in a “hollow” position.
Acro Technique is often performed in an “open body” position.  

A visual of this is the handstand;  A gymnast will hold a handstand in a hollow body --> ) <-- with the rounded part being the back.  An Acro Dancer will hold a handstand in an arced (not arched) position --> ( <-- with open neck and looking in front of their finger tips and lengthening over the top with their toes.

Acro Dancers should NOT seek additional training at gymnastics clubs, and even acro camps should be investigated.  
Just as Gymnasts should NOT seek additional training in a Dance Acro Class.  It is nearly impossible for an individual to change technique between styles.  If your student is a gymnast, Acro is not a good companion class for them.  Instead, they should look to a Ballet class to improve posture and lengenthing through the muslces.

Our Acro Dance classes are designed to create stronger, safer and more diverse dancers, which will, in turn, create more impressive, exciting and artistic dancing.

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